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Labor law ⚖️

In our recruitment company, we place great emphasis on compliance with labor law regulations to provide our clients and candidates with the highest standards of service. Our in-depth knowledge of employment, remuneration and occupational safety regulations ensures that the recruitment process is carried out in accordance with applicable regulations, which minimizes legal risk and builds trust.

Compliance with labor law regulations

  • We carefully check whether all candidates have the right to work legally in the country where they will be employed.

  • We comply with diversity and inclusion regulations, ensuring every candidate has an equal opportunity for employment.

  • We manage candidates' personal data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, ensuring their confidentiality and security.

Contracts and salaries

  • We advise clients on the selection of appropriate types of employment contracts so that they comply with the regulations and suit the specific nature of employment.

  • We analyze the market to help clients set competitive remuneration, consistent with applicable legal standards.

  • We make sure that all terms of employment are clearly defined in contracts, preventing potential conflicts.

Client benefits

  • Thanks to our knowledge and experience, our clients can be sure that all recruitment processes are consistent with labor law regulations.

  • Professional management of the recruitment process increases efficiency and allows you to quickly find suitable candidates.

  • Compliance with labor law regulations builds the trust of candidates and clients, which translates into a good reputation of the company.

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