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International Expansion

Are you planning to expand your company to new markets and need support in acquiring talent from abroad? Our International Expansion service allows you to effectively outsource entire departments or teams to other countries. With our support, you can quickly and safely expand your business into new markets, using local talent and resources.

Global opportunities

We have experience in recruiting in various international markets, which allows us to find the best candidates around the world. Thanks to this, you can develop your business anywhere.


Local talent

We use the resources and talents available in local markets, which provides access to specialists with appropriate qualifications and knowledge of local realities.


Labor law

We ensure that all recruitment processes comply with local regulations, which minimizes legal and administrative risks.

How does it work?



Market analysis


We conduct an in-depth analysis of the target market to understand the specifics and recruitment requirements.


Recruitment strategy

We develop a personalized recruitment strategy, tailored to local conditions and the needs of your company.


Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition We use our network of contacts and proven recruitment methods to find the best candidates on the international market.


Verification and selection

Verification and selection We conduct thorough verification and selection of candidates, taking into account local legal and cultural requirements.


Integration support

We offer support in the integration process of new employees to ensure smooth and effective implementation of new duties.


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