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Strategic Talent Acquisition with Salve.Inno

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a service that involves delegating recruitment-related tasks to an external company specializing in talent acquisition. Our company takes full responsibility for the entire recruitment process, from identifying staffing needs, through sourcing and selecting candidates, to finalizing employment.

How can we help you?


Team of experts

You benefit from the experience and knowledge of our specialists who know the latest recruitment trends and techniques.



You eliminate the need to engage your own HR resources, which allows your team to focus on strategic tasks.



Our solutions are flexible and tailored to your current needs, regardless of whether you are recruiting several employees or entire teams.



We use advanced recruitment tools and methods that allow us to find the best candidates quickly and effectively.


Project-based RPO

Our Project RPO service offers comprehensive support in recruiting employees for a specific project. We focus on quickly and efficiently finding the best talent that will be a perfect fit for your team and help you achieve your project goals.

Hybrid RPO

Hybrid RPO is a flexible solution combining the advantages of internal and external recruitment. We work with your HR team to ensure optimal recruitment results. Thanks to this model, you gain expert support while maintaining control over the process.

On-demand RPO

RPO on demand is a service dedicated to companies that need quick recruitment support in growth phase or seasonal hires. Regardless of the scale of demand, we provide qualified employees when you need them most.

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International Expansion

Our International Expansion service allows you to effectively outsource entire departments or teams to other countries. With our support, you can quickly and safely expand your business into new markets, using local talent and resources.

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Assessment and Development Centre

Our AC/DC service promotes professional employee assessment and development programs. We use advanced diagnostic methods to accurately assess the competences and potential of your team, thus supporting their development and effectiveness in achieving business goals.

Why Salve.Inno?

Our mission is to improve recruitment processes by effectively searching for talent, introducing systems that monitor customer satisfaction, and ensuring that candidates are motivated and achieve common goals, which will help achieve long-term success. Our activities are not limited only to recruitment - we create dynamic teams that support the development of the organization and promote sustainable growth.

We follow the latest market trends, economic changes and labor market crises to adapt our recruitment strategies to current conditions.

We analyze salary reports and compare salaries offered by various companies on the market.

We use social media to promote the company, build relationships with clients and candidates, and create a positive brand image.

We minimize legal risk for your company by taking care of every legal aspect of the recruitment process.

We build a strong employer brand by organizing events, promoting the company on social media and participating in conferences and job fairs.

We follow the latest trends and innovations in the field of HR, including: remote work, soft skills development, HR data analysis and new recruitment technologies.

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